Project Architect for McDonnell Douglas Corporation: Computer Systems Company Headquarters, Santa Ana, CA. In association with GPRA: Nissan Motors of North America, Carson, CA: National Headquarters Space Needs, Space Standards and Master Plan; Computer Center; Southern California Edison: Headquarters Master Plan, Rosemead; Emergency Operations Facility, SCE Nuclear Power Generation Station, San Onofre; Large Apparatus Shop and Test Facility, SCE, Westminster; Data Processing Center, Rosemead; Master Plans for, Customer Service Centers; Southern California Gas Company: Data Processing Center; Rockwell International: Employee Recreation Center, Palmdale, CA.

Westminster House Apartments (Interiors), Baltimore, MD. VA Hospital, Long Beach, CA.: Emergency Exit Plans and Signage; Long Beach Memorial Medical Center: Graphics and Signage; In association with GPRA: Space Needs Study, City of Santa Ana, CA; City Center Master Plan, Westminster; City of Orange, CA; Corporation Yard; Public Health Microbiology Laboratory, County of Orange, CA; Traffic Radar Approach Control Center, Ontario, CA. In association with J.Chang Architects, Dept of Justice Space Needs Planning, Washington, DC.

Barstow Residence, CA, Remodel and Addition; Phillips Residence, Laguna Beach, CA, New; Dunn Residence, Jackson, CA, New; Slowikowski Residence, Newport Beach, CA; Hath Residence, Orange, CA; Bitner Residence, MD, Remodel and Addition, MD; Oszlansky Residence, Diamond Bar, CA, New; Waller Residence, MD, Remodel and Addition; Krol Residence, MD; Fein Residence Remodel, MD; Dorzey Residence Remodel and Addition, MD; Barstow Condominium, CA., Pleski Residence, HI, Romano Residence, HI., Pleski Residence, HI.

As Facilities Planning Director, Saddleback Community College District: Campus Entrance Road Realignment and Signalization; Reclaimed Water Irrigation System; Golf Driving Range, Pro Shop and Classroom Building; TBP Architects: Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA: Campus Master Plan; Student Services Center; Thermal Energy Storage Facility; Business and General Studies Building; Administration Building Remodel; Parking Lots 9&10; Pedestrian Access Bridge; District Offices Reconfiguration; College Information Center; California State University, Fullerton, Satellite Campus, Mission Viejo; Irvine Valley College, Irvine, CA: Campus Master Plan; Student Services Center; Physical Sciences Building; Computer Sciences Building and CAD/CAM Lab; Irvine Road Improvements; Parking Lots 5 and 6; Canon Architects: PE Shower/Locker Room Building; PE Gymnasium and Athletic Fields; Frederick Brown Associates: Saddleback College High-Voltage Primary Electrical Distribution System; Leo Daly Architect: Saddleback College: Science & Technology Building; Parking Lot 13; Hazardous Materials Storage Facility; Linda Taylor, Architects: Irvine Valley College: Architectural Barriers Removal Project; Child Development Center; Saddleback College: Health Sciences Building; Child Development Center; Architectural Barriers Removal. Jellison Architects: Irvine Valley College: Learning Resources Center; Parking Lots 7, 8 and 11. In association with GPRA: University of Southern California: College of Neurosciences; Heritage Hall, Interiors and Exhibits; Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Master Plan, Space Flight Operations Facility, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Arroyo Bridge; Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA: Master Plan; Land Acquisition Plan; Parking Lot 3 Expansion; Library Addition; PE Multi-Purpose Building; Fine Arts Building; Corporation Yard; Student Center. With Jones & Emmons Architects: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA: Booth Computing Center; California State University, Dominguez Hills: Master Plan; Library and Administration Building. University of Hawaii: Library. Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA: Campus Master Plan.

Rug Crafters, Nationwide; Fructus Fundi Garden Stores (2 stores); Self Carwash, Santa Ana, CA;
Studio 104 Gallery, Newport Beach, CA; Austin Pharmacy & Medical Supplies, Baltimore